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Wind Turbine Diagram: A Better Picture to the Wind Power Process

Wind power is the newest source of energy today. However, it is undeniable that there are still many people who do not fully understand how it is produced. The wind turbine is the most common instrument used in order to create wind power. One way for us to understand how a wind turbine works is to understand a wind turbine diagram.

What Is a Wind Turbine Diagram?

A wind turbine diagram is a diagram showing us what happens to the kinetic energy of the wind as it is converted into mechanical or electrical energy through certain processes using the right technology. It normally serves as the summary for the explanation on how a wind turbine works. As a matter of fact, it is more understandable than reading hundreds or thousands of words for explaining the wind power process.

How Does a Wind Turbine Works?

There are people who prefer to look at the wind turbine diagram alone in order to understand the process of converting wind kinetic energy into wind power. However, there are people who would like the diagram to be explained as well. These are the people who will surely be interested in this section for it will explain through words – and not through a picture – as to how wind is captured and how its kinetic energy is converted into a more useful power.

A wind turbine is known to operate on a simple principle. The turbine captures the wind which turns at least two or three blades around its rotor. This rotor is connected to the turbine’s main shaft that spins the generator, creating electricity. Isn’t it a very simple process? In order to capture the most energy, the turbine must be mounted on a tower at least 100 feet above the ground. Through this, the turbine will be able to take more advantage of less turbulent wind. A turbine can be used to supply electricity for a single building or home. It can also be used for more widespread electricity distribution by connecting it to an electricity grid.

Why Do We Need a Diagram?

Probably, most of the people are wondering why there is still a need for a diagram when words can explain the process of capturing wind up to converting it into electricity. Yes, words will definitely give you an idea with regard to the complete process done by the wind turbine. However, a diagram will give you a better picture of what is really going on. It will also lead to a better understanding of the wind power process. It is more powerful to explain something through words and image at the same time. Through that, the mind will be able to grasp the idea faster.

The wind turbine diagram is designed to show people how the process is done. Words cannot give us a better picture of the whole process. On the other hand, a picture cannot give us a better definition or meaning to the entire process. That is why both words and the diagram is severely needed.

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